What is your postal code if a postal code does not exist?

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What is the use of postal code?
Postal code system is a coding method applied to the country or region to achieve mail sorting and make postal network digitization, and improve the efficieny of delivery. There are also some special codes assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies.

Are there any countries that do not use postal code?What is the postal code when my countries or region do not use postal code?
Usually, lots of member countries of the Universal Postal Union have postal code system, but there are a few countries that do not use these codes (Find the country list that do not use postal code below). But in daily life, you need to provide the postal code for some situation, such as online shopping, registering a website, or applying for a job. At this time, you can fill in 00000. 00000 is a valid code, but please remember to write the detail address when mailing to get your mail.

Why do some countries have no zip codes?
Some people are confused why there is no postal code in some coutries or regions in this digital world today. Actually, There are different reasons for not using the postal code. In some countries, the delivery volume is not that large, make deliveries by addresses is just ok. Other countries use the other way to replace the postal code system, for example, some countries use po box address replace the physical address to do the delivery, every address has a unique po box number, so there is no need to use postal code.
The postal code also requires the recognition and popularization of local people. If no one uses postal code, then the existence will be meaningless.

What should I do if I want to get a postal code?
The postal code is just a number that can help your mail to be delivered faster. It is usually assigned by the General Post Office according to the size of the mail volume in different regions. If you need a postal code for mass mailing, you can try to contact the local post office.

Which countries/region does not use postal code system? Here is the list of all countries/region that do not use postal code.

Angola Antigua and Barbuda
Aruba Bahamas
Belize Benin
Bermuda Bolivia
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Botswana
Burkina Faso Burundi
Cameroon Central African Republic
Chad Comoros
Congo (Brazzaville) Congo, Democratic Republic
Cook Islands Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Curaçao Djibouti
Dominica East Timor
Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Fiji French Southern and Antarctic Territories
Gabon Gambia
Grenada Guyana
Heard and McDonald Islands Hong Kong
Kiribati Korea, North
Libya Macau
Malawi Mali Mauritania
Namibia Nauru Netherlands
Niue Qatar Rwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis Sao Tome and Principe
Seychelles Sierra Leone
Sint Maarten Solomon Islands
South Sudan Suriname Syria Togo Tokelau
Tonga Tuvalu
Uganda United Arab Emirates
Vanuatu Yemen Zimbabwe


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