ZIP Code 18034 is located in CENTER VALLEY, Pennsylvania. Its detail State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope Example, Population is as below.

ZIP Code 18034 Information ZIP Code 18034 Information

  • Country:

    U.S. - United States

    County FIPS:


    Area Code:

    484 / 610

    City Type ?In many cases, a ZIP Code can have multiple "names", meaning cities, towns, or subdivisions, in its boundaries. However, it will ALWAYS have exactly 1 "default" name. D - Default - This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well. A - Acceptable - This name can be used for mailing purposes. Often times alternative names are large neighborhoods or sections of the city/town. In some cases a ZIP Code may have several "acceptable" names which is used to group towns under one ZIP Code. N - Not Acceptable - A "not acceptable" name is, in many cases, a nickname that residents give that location. According to the USPS, you should NOT send mail to that ZIP Code using the "not acceptable" name when mailing.:

    D (Default)

    ZIP Code:


    ❓What does D (Default) mean? This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well.

ZIP Code 18034 Plus 4 ZIP Code 18034 Plus 4

ZIP Code 5 plus 4 is the extension of 5-digit zip code, It can be used to locate a more detailed location. The last four digits designate segment or one side of a street or an apartment. You can find the ZIP+4 code and corresponding address of the zip code 18034 below.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4Address
18034-0121PO BOX 121, CENTER VALLEY, PA
18034-0241PO BOX 241, CENTER VALLEY, PA
18034-0361PO BOX 361, CENTER VALLEY, PA
18034-0421PO BOX 421, CENTER VALLEY, PA


NearBy ZIP Code NearBy ZIP Code

What are the zipcodes near ZIP Code 18034? In the table below, you can find zipcodes in 25km radius around ZIP Code 18034 and the approximate distance between the two zipcodes. Check the list to find nearby zipcode, and you can click the zipcode link to find the details whatever you want to know about the location. The data below has a slight deviation for your reference only.

NumberZIP CodeDistance
1180341.8772 Kilo Meters
2180362.9525 Kilo Meters
3180605.0953 Kilo Meters
4189816.2349 Kilo Meters
5181097.1795 Kilo Meters
6181957.2097 Kilo Meters
7180027.2684 Kilo Meters
8180017.3176 Kilo Meters
9180157.3565 Kilo Meters
10180557.4611 Kilo Meters
11180997.8777 Kilo Meters
12180988.1591 Kilo Meters
13181038.1964 Kilo Meters
14180498.5447 Kilo Meters
15181018.6102 Kilo Meters
16180189.2655 Kilo Meters
17180169.3764 Kilo Meters
18181029.4916 Kilo Meters
19180259.7609 Kilo Meters
20180819.9154 Kilo Meters
21180209.9946 Kilo Meters
221895510.3101 Kilo Meters
231896811.1938 Kilo Meters
241810611.2698 Kilo Meters
251806811.4944 Kilo Meters
261810511.5310 Kilo Meters
271800311.7754 Kilo Meters
281895111.7841 Kilo Meters
291893512.1751 Kilo Meters
301810412.7466 Kilo Meters
311804613.1836 Kilo Meters
321806213.1907 Kilo Meters
331803213.2886 Kilo Meters
341809213.2891 Kilo Meters
351801713.7399 Kilo Meters
361807714.3972 Kilo Meters
371897014.7754 Kilo Meters
381893014.8445 Kilo Meters
391805214.9642 Kilo Meters
401897115.4307 Kilo Meters
411803915.7878 Kilo Meters
421808716.2593 Kilo Meters
431804116.5801 Kilo Meters
441807016.6697 Kilo Meters
451801117.2345 Kilo Meters
461807317.8021 Kilo Meters
471806918.1890 Kilo Meters
481803718.1893 Kilo Meters
491806719.0207 Kilo Meters
501892119.0502 Kilo Meters
511807619.4637 Kilo Meters
521804520.7041 Kilo Meters
531895320.9707 Kilo Meters
541804221.2767 Kilo Meters
551803121.6067 Kilo Meters
561805121.6356 Kilo Meters
571950321.9490 Kilo Meters
581804422.2218 Kilo Meters
591805422.3189 Kilo Meters
601950422.4558 Kilo Meters
611891122.5203 Kilo Meters
621894222.5262 Kilo Meters
631804322.7081 Kilo Meters
641807823.0266 Kilo Meters
651894423.0341 Kilo Meters
661896023.0632 Kilo Meters
671891023.2567 Kilo Meters
681805923.4436 Kilo Meters
691897223.6305 Kilo Meters
701806423.8847 Kilo Meters
711801424.0207 Kilo Meters
721953824.2149 Kilo Meters
731891824.3295 Kilo Meters
741806524.4149 Kilo Meters
751896224.5996 Kilo Meters
761808424.6736 Kilo Meters
771896924.6784 Kilo Meters
781953924.9342 Kilo Meters
791808624.9845 Kilo Meters

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Envelope Example Envelope Example

This is an example of a US zip envelope. You can use a 5-digit zipcode or a detailed 9-digit zipcode to copy the mail in the following address format.

Postcode: 18034

18034 Basic Meaning Basic Meaning

What does each digit of ZIP Code 18034 stands for? The first digit designates a national area, which ranges from zero for the Northeast to nine for the far West. The 3-4 digits are the code of a sectional center facility in that region. The last two digits designate small post offices or postal zones.

ZIP Code: 18034

Online Map Online Map

This is online map of the address CENTER VALLEY, Pennsylvania, United States. You may use button to move and zoom in / out. The map information is for reference only.

Library Library

This is the ZIP Code 18034 - Library page list. Its detail Library Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

School School

This is the ZIP Code 18034 - School page list. Its detail School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code is as below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Southern Lehigh Middle School 3715 Preston LaneCenter Valley Pennsylvania6-818034
Hopewell El Sch 4625 W Hopewell RdCenter Valley PennsylvaniaKG-518034
Southern Lehigh Senior High School 5800 Main StCenter Valley Pennsylvania9-1218034

Geography Geography

ZIP code 18034 is located in Pennsylvania. It covers a small area of 11.337000 square miles. The latitude and longitude of 18034 are 40.541339 and -75.405354 respectively. Like most areas in the United States, this area should observe daylight saving time.

  • Latitude: 40.541339
  • Longitude: -75.405354
  • Land Area: 11.337000
  • Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
  • Region: Northeast
  • Division: Middle Atlantic
  • Day Light Saving: Y

Population Population

The population of ZIP Code 18034 is 8,584 in 2020 estimate, which is a little bit less than that in 2010 census data. In the 2010 census, the gender ratio is balanced. Most of them are white at an old age.

  • Population in 20208,584
    Population in 20108,256
    • Male:4,030
    • Female:4,226
    • White:7,744
    • Black:138
    • Hispanic:288
    • Asian:401
    • Hawaiian:0
    • Indian:30
    • Other:69
  • Median Age37
    Median Age of Man37
    Median Age of Woman37

Households Households

There are 2,663 households in ZIP Code 18034, with an average number of 2.74 persons per household. The average house value in 18034 is $288,700, and the average household income is $89,886.

  • Households Per ZIP Code: 2,663
  • Persons Per Household: 2.74
  • Average House Value: $288,700
  • Income Per Household: $89,886

Congressional District Congressional District

Congressional districts are electoral divisions for electing members of the United States House of Representatives. ZIP Code 18034 is located in the 07th congressional district of California. That means your zip code covers some parts of the above districts, if you want to find your representative, you can search with your address by United States House of Representatives.

  • Congressional District: 07
  • Congressional Land Area: 862.56

Business Business

There are 259 businesses in ZIP Code 18034 with a total number of 7,978 employees. The business payroll in the first quarter is $126,421, and $567,108 for the whole year.

  • Number of Businesses:259
  • Number of Employees:7,978
  • Business First Quarter Payroll:$126,421
  • Business Annual Payroll:$567,108

More Information More Information

What else do you want to know about the ZIP Code 18034? We collected some information related to ZIP Code 18034, which is closely related to people's lives. These data help people understand the general situation of the community in which they lived or about to live, and the information also has a guiding role for business construction.

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CENTER VALLEY ZIP Code, Pennsylvania ZIP Code, 18034 ZIP Code, United States
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