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This is the Louisiana ZIP Code 70131 page list. Its detail State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope Example, Population is as below.

ZIP Code 70131 Information ZIP Code 70131 Information

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    U.S. - United States

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    S (Standard)

    ❓What does S (Standard) mean? A "standard" ZIP Code is what most people think of when they talk about ZIP Codes - essentially a town, city, or a division of a city that has mail service.

ZIP Code 70131 - City ZIP Code - City

This is the city information corresponding to 70131:

State County CityCity Type ?In many cases, a ZIP Code can have multiple "names", meaning cities, towns, or subdivisions, in its boundaries. However, it will ALWAYS have exactly 1 "default" name. D - Default - This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well. A - Acceptable - This name can be used for mailing purposes. Often times alternative names are large neighborhoods or sections of the city/town. In some cases a ZIP Code may have several "acceptable" names which is used to group towns under one ZIP Code. N - Not Acceptable - A "not acceptable" name is, in many cases, a nickname that residents give that location. According to the USPS, you should NOT send mail to that ZIP Code using the "not acceptable" name when mailing.ZIP Code

❓What does D (Default) mean? This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well.

❓What does A (Acceptable) mean? This name can be used for mailing purposes. Often times alternative names are large neighborhoods or sections of the city/town. In some cases a ZIP Code may have several "acceptable" names which is used to group towns under one ZIP Code.

ZIP Code 70131 Plus 4 ZIP Code 70131 Plus 4

ZIP Code 5 plus 4 is the extension of 5-digit zip code, It can be used to locate a more detailed location. The last four digits designate segment or one side of a street or an apartment. You can find the ZIP+4 code and corresponding address of the zip code 70131 below.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4Address
70131-17003900 HIGHWAY 996, NEW ORLEANS, LA
70131-17034101 POLK ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA
70131-17044100 POLK ST, NEW ORLEANS, LA


NearBy ZIP Code NearBy ZIP Code

What are the zipcodes near ZIP Code 70131? In the table below, you can find zipcodes in 25km radius around ZIP Code 70131 and the approximate distance between the two zipcodes. Check the list to find nearby zipcode, and you can click the zipcode link to find the details whatever you want to know about the location. The data below has a slight deviation for your reference only.

NumberZIP CodeDistance
1701313.6013 Kilo Meters
2700434.4742 Kilo Meters
3700445.0100 Kilo Meters
4701746.1056 Kilo Meters
5700326.8419 Kilo Meters
6700936.9508 Kilo Meters
7700567.1536 Kilo Meters
8700757.4352 Kilo Meters
9701147.6582 Kilo Meters
10701428.2633 Kilo Meters
11700408.8025 Kilo Meters
12700539.1174 Kilo Meters
13700929.2731 Kilo Meters
14700549.3009 Kilo Meters
15701779.3585 Kilo Meters
16701459.5803 Kilo Meters
17701599.7135 Kilo Meters
18701179.7718 Kilo Meters
197014310.7348 Kilo Meters
207015810.7893 Kilo Meters
217013011.1162 Kilo Meters
227005811.2008 Kilo Meters
237019011.3353 Kilo Meters
247003711.3877 Kilo Meters
257017611.4077 Kilo Meters
267006011.4939 Kilo Meters
277016411.5941 Kilo Meters
287018611.6034 Kilo Meters
297005911.6767 Kilo Meters
307016511.7074 Kilo Meters
317013911.9247 Kilo Meters
327017012.0094 Kilo Meters
337016612.0624 Kilo Meters
347019512.0903 Kilo Meters
357018112.2592 Kilo Meters
367017212.2889 Kilo Meters
377016112.3798 Kilo Meters
387016312.5058 Kilo Meters
397011612.5755 Kilo Meters
407016212.6456 Kilo Meters
417015712.6585 Kilo Meters
427011312.7134 Kilo Meters
437016012.7709 Kilo Meters
447015212.7765 Kilo Meters
457015112.8231 Kilo Meters
467015312.8670 Kilo Meters
477011212.8799 Kilo Meters
487015012.9128 Kilo Meters
497015612.9703 Kilo Meters
507018713.3781 Kilo Meters
517015413.4636 Kilo Meters
527012613.6157 Kilo Meters
537016713.8003 Kilo Meters
547012713.9235 Kilo Meters
557011513.9924 Kilo Meters
567017514.1960 Kilo Meters
577011914.5124 Kilo Meters
587017914.5278 Kilo Meters
597018514.9706 Kilo Meters
607012215.0925 Kilo Meters
617012515.1039 Kilo Meters
627018215.4042 Kilo Meters
637012816.1257 Kilo Meters
647014616.2318 Kilo Meters
657007316.2991 Kilo Meters
667017816.3982 Kilo Meters
677012916.4263 Kilo Meters
687011816.7882 Kilo Meters
697008516.9763 Kilo Meters
707014817.2703 Kilo Meters
717007217.5503 Kilo Meters
727009617.7872 Kilo Meters
737018418.1301 Kilo Meters
747012418.2566 Kilo Meters
757005519.8243 Kilo Meters
767000519.9491 Kilo Meters
777012120.1845 Kilo Meters
787000121.9459 Kilo Meters
797001122.1764 Kilo Meters
807000222.6043 Kilo Meters
817001022.7363 Kilo Meters
827000922.8262 Kilo Meters
837018923.0029 Kilo Meters
847000423.6970 Kilo Meters
857009423.8180 Kilo Meters
867018324.3414 Kilo Meters
877012324.6666 Kilo Meters

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Envelope Example Envelope Example

This is an example of a US zip envelope. You can use a 5-digit zipcode or a detailed 9-digit zipcode to copy the mail in the following address format.

Postcode: 70131

70131 Basic Meaning Basic Meaning

What does each digit of ZIP Code 70131 stands for? The first digit designates a national area, which ranges from zero for the Northeast to nine for the far West. The 3-4 digits are the code of a sectional center facility in that region. The last two digits designate small post offices or postal zones.

ZIP Code: 70131

Online Map Online Map

This is online map of the address NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, United States. You may use button to move and zoom in / out. The map information is for reference only.

Hospital Hospital

This is the ZIP Code 70131 - Hospital page list. Its detail Hospital Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

Library Library

This is the ZIP Code 70131 - Library page list. Its detail Library Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

School School

This is the ZIP Code 70131 - School page list. Its detail School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code is as below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Alice M. Harte School 5300 Berkley DriveNew Orleans LouisianaKG-670131
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School 3700 Tall Pines DriveNew Orleans LouisianaPK-670131
Edna Karr Magnet School 3332 Huntlee DriveNew Orleans Louisiana7-1270131
Julius Rosenwald Accelerated School 6501 Berkley DriveNew Orleans LouisianaPK-670131

Geography Geography

ZIP code 70131 is located in Louisiana. It covers a small area of 11.907000 square miles. The latitude and longitude of 70131 are 29.906809 and -89.958438 respectively. Like most areas in the United States, this area should observe daylight saving time.

  • Latitude: 29.906809
  • Longitude: -89.958438
  • Land Area: 11.907000
  • Time Zone: Central (GMT -06:00)
  • Region: South
  • Division: West South Central
  • Day Light Saving: Y

Population Population

The population of ZIP Code 70131 is 28,679 in 2020 estimate, which is a little bit more than that in 2010 census data. In the 2010 census, the gender ratio is balanced. Most of them are black at an old age.

  • Population in 202028,679
    Population in 201029,915
    • Male:14,130
    • Female:15,785
    • White:10,031
    • Black:18,192
    • Hispanic:1,553
    • Asian:1,383
    • Hawaiian:27
    • Indian:241
    • Other:668
  • Median Age36
    Median Age of Man34
    Median Age of Woman37

Households Households

There are 11,524 households in ZIP Code 70131, with an average number of 2.56 persons per household. The average house value in 70131 is $172,700, and the average household income is $48,576.

  • Households Per ZIP Code: 11,524
  • Persons Per Household: 2.56
  • Average House Value: $172,700
  • Income Per Household: $48,576

Congressional District Congressional District

Congressional districts are electoral divisions for electing members of the United States House of Representatives. ZIP Code 70131 is located in the 02th congressional district of California. That means your zip code covers some parts of the above districts, if you want to find your representative, you can search with your address by United States House of Representatives.

  • Congressional District: 02
  • Congressional Land Area: 1268.48

Business Business

There are 187 businesses in ZIP Code 70131 with a total number of 2,809 employees. The business payroll in the first quarter is $19,252, and $77,314 for the whole year.

  • Number of Businesses:187
  • Number of Employees:2,809
  • Business First Quarter Payroll:$19,252
  • Business Annual Payroll:$77,314

More Information More Information

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