Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
Search ZIP Code is committed to respect and protect user's privacy, and will not collect user privacy information. This statement explains the handling of relevant information when you use Please read carefully, using the products and services of this website means that you know and accept the content of this privacy policy.


This privacy policy only applies to The third parties involved in the website and links to other websites are not included.

Privacy Policy

In order to protect the security of user personal information, does not use cookies by default for web functions and services other than login.

The information collected on this website includes:

Server log file. This is part of the standard process for server hosting. Log file information includes IP address, date/time of access, web page access, and browser use and etc.

Register, contact us, edit and discuss. When you register or contact to us, you will be asked to provide your personal information, such as your name, email address, and other personal information. You can choose to provide relevant information to get the service, or browse the page anonymously. If you choose to make a discussion on this website and post interactive comments to the website, it means that this website is authorized by you to use or reprocess your comments and other information. The comments and other information you submit to the website will be viewed by other users, and this website does not assume any responsibility for the publicly released content.

Search function. When using the search function of this website, the website will collect information such as the content, time, web page address, browser and other information you searched.

Information collected by third parties and other websites pointed to, including:

Google ads. The website uses Google advertising services, which allow advertisements to be displayed in this website. Google uses cookies to understand user preferences, which allows advertisers to target their advertising content based on user interests, so as to provide users with a better service experience. For details, please see: Google AdSence Privacy Policy.

Google analysis. This function is used for statistics and analysis of website data. Google uses DART Cookie to collect "non-personally identifiable information", which means that it will not track your personal information, such as your name, email, address, etc. You can also choose to stop using Google Analysis. For details, please see: Stop using Google Analysis.

Cloudflare. It provides traffic optimization and distribution services for websites. When distinguishing malicious traffic and attacks, it uses cookies to filter traffic, and it also uses collected information for analysis. For details, please see: Cloudflare Privacy Policy.

Use of information

Optimize website functions: We will work on the optimization of various functions of the website, which will be based on your comments and feedback.

Improve the content of the website: We will improve and add relevant content based on your feedback to improve user experience.

Provide user services: any comments you make during the use process will help us understand user and improve service details.

Information Disclosure

We will not provide, share, or sell information to third parties, but your information may be shared in the following situations:

Obtain the user's consent or disclose personal information by himself.

Legal obligations. When receiving instructions from courts or competent authorities, or when the law requires the sharing of information, your information may be disclosed.

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of us and third parties. For users who damage this site, attack this site, and publish and share illegal information on the site, their information may be reported to relevant departments.

Third-party links to other websites

This website contains links to other websites and advertising links. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, security, terms of use, etc. of these third-party websites.

When you click on a link to a third-party website, we recommend that you check the privacy policy and terms of use of the visited website first to protect your personal rights.

Privacy Policy Changes will revise and update this privacy policy at any time, and the last revision time is the effective date without notice. Please check the privacy policy regularly, continue to use this site means that you accept all the content of the new privacy policy.

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