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This is the Peoria ZIP Code page list. Its detail is as below.


County City Name ZIP Code
Peoria Monica, Princeville 61559
Peoria Peoria 61656
Peoria Peoria 61655
Peoria Peoria 61654
Peoria Peoria 61653
Peoria Peoria 61652
Peoria Peoria 61651
Peoria Peoria 61650
Peoria Peoria Journal Star, Peoria 61643
Peoria Keystone Steel and Wire, Peoria 61641
Peoria Komatsu Dresser, Peoria, Westinghouse Air Brake 61639
Peoria Peoria, Replacement Lens Inc 61638
Peoria Peoria, St Francis Hosp 61637
Peoria Methodist Hosp, Peoria 61636
Peoria Il Mutual Life & Casualty, Peoria 61634
Peoria Great Central Ins Co, Peoria 61633
Peoria Caterpillar Inc, East Peoria, Peoria 61630
Peoria Caterpillar Inc, Peoria 61629
Peoria Bradley Univ, Peoria 61625
Peoria Peoria Heights, Peoria Hts, Peoria 61616
Peoria Alta, Peoria 61615
Peoria Peoria, Pottstown 61614
Peoria Northwoods Shop Ctr, Peoria 61613
Peoria Peoria 61612
Peoria Bartonville, Greater Peoria Airport, High Meadows, Hollis, Mardell Manor, Orchard Mines, Peoria, Tuscarora 61607
Peoria Peoria 61606
Peoria Peoria 61605
Peoria Bellevue, Bellview, El Vista, Norwood, Peoria, West Peoria 61604
Peoria Peoria 61603
Peoria Peoria 61602
Peoria Peoria 61601
Peoria Trivoli 61569
Peoria Rome 61562
Peoria Mossville 61552
Peoria Lake Camelot, Lake Lancelot, Mapleton 61547
Peoria Kingston Mine, Kingston Mines 61539
Peoria Hanna City, Smithville 61536
Peoria Glasford 61533
Peoria Cramers, Elmwood, Rosefield 61529
Peoria Edwards, Kickapoo 61528
Peoria Edelstein, Lawn Ridge, West Hallock 61526
Peoria Dunlap, Lake of the Woods 61525
Peoria Chillicothe, Edgewater Terrace, Galena Knolls, Holmes Center, North Hampton, Renchville, Rome Heights, South Rome, Vets Row, Vonachen Knolls 61523
Peoria Brimfield, Southport 61517
Peoria Elmore, Laura 61451