• School Enrollment

    School Enrollment School Enrollment College or Graduate School: 22,229,106 High School: 16,879,255 Elementary School: 32,506,623 Kindergarten: 4,003,118 Nursery School, Preschool: 4,879,858





  • Educational Attainment

    Educational Attainment Educational Attainment Graduate or Professional Degree: 28,321,709 Bachelor's Degree: 45,034,610 Associate's Degree: 19,254,254 Some College, No Degree: 45,242,162 High School Graduate: 59,421,419 Less than 12th Grade: 15,562,680










What is school enrollment?

Enrollment refers to being registered or listed as a student in an educational program leading to a high school diploma or college degree. This may be a public school or college, a private school or college, or a home school. In some surveys, the Census Bureau also asks about school "attendance", which is treated as equivalent to enrollment.

What is educational attainment?

Educational attainment refers to the greatest level of education obtained, whether it be a bachelor's degree or a high school diploma. In the population of 25 years and over, there are 197.27 million people (88.5 percent) who graduate from high school or higher in the U.S.

Why is educational data important?

Educational data is significant because it influences other indicators such as literacy, unemployment, and average household income. And it is really important for the local government to make a policy about educational resource allocation.

Where does the data come from?

Education data comes from U.S. Census Bureau, 2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. Updated December 2021.


The data is important in social research and government policy. They measure the number of students and school enrollment in a district to allocate resources accordingly. The data on educational attainment shows the educational level of the locals and is an important basis for policy and business decisions.
It means that for some researchers, these data are very useful. But for most people, they are one of the factors to be considered or not in choosing to settle here.

La educación es muy importante para los niños pues ya que la educación empieza de la niñez para ser una persona de bien.

I do agree with you, the importance of education is that education itself helps one grow.

Gracias adiós y alas miles de oportunidades que dan el país para pensar en un futuro y un emprendimiento muy lindo para nuestros hijos y hijos futuro para que te vamos un progreso y una estabilidad muy buena en el recurso delas en señansa ai que dar lo ma como

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