School Name: Hanby Middle School (OR-00000000002042-00000000000000000387)

Explore Hanby Middle School at 806 6th Ave Gold Hill OR 97525-9762. Looking for the enrollment, contact number, location, and other information on this page.

Information about Hanby Middle School, OR

  • School Name:

    Hanby Middle School

  • School ID: 0410294000407
  • Grade Range: UG
  • School District: Central Point SD 6
  • School Level: Middle
  • School Type: Regular school
  • Students: 338
  • Teachers: 15
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 22.53

Contact Hanby Middle School, OR

  • Phone: ☎️ (541)494-6800
  • Website: 🌎️

Location for Hanby Middle School, OR

  • State: OR
  • County: Jackson County
  • City: Gold Hill
  • Street:

    806 6th Ave

  • ZIP Code: 97525-9762
  • Latitude: 42.4344
  • Longitude: -123.055
  • Mailing Address:

    806 6th Ave Gold Hill OR 97525-9762

Details about Hanby Middle School, OR

  • Is Hanby Middle School a charter school? ?What is a Charter School?
    A charter school in the US is a publicly funded school that operates independently of the traditional public school system. It is established under a "charter" granted by a local or state government agency, which allows the school to operate with greater autonomy and flexibility. Charter schools have the freedom to design their own curriculum, teaching methods, and educational approaches within the guidelines set by their charter. They are open to all students, free of charge, and are funded with public tax dollars. However, they often have limited enrollment capacity and may use a lottery system for admission. Charter schools are accountable for meeting specific academic, financial, and operational standards outlined in their charter, and they are subject to oversight by the granting authority.
  • Is Hanby Middle School a magnet school? ?What is a Magnet School?
    A magnet school in the US is a specialized public school that offers unique educational programs and focuses on specific subject areas, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), performing arts, or foreign languages. These schools aim to attract students from diverse backgrounds by providing specialized curricula and innovative teaching methods. Magnet schools are intended to promote integration and diversity by drawing students from different neighborhoods or school districts. They often feature rigorous academic standards and may require an application process for admission. Magnet schools receive public funding and are held accountable for meeting educational standards. They operate alongside traditional public schools and provide students with alternative educational opportunities. The goal of magnet schools is to provide high-quality education in specialized areas, preparing students for future careers or further academic pursuits.
    † († indicates that the data are not applicable.)
  • Is Hanby Middle School a Title I School? ?What is a Title I School?
    A Title I school in the United States is a school that receives additional federal funding to support the education of students from low-income families. This funding is provided through Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which was enacted to address educational inequalities and ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education.

Public Schools in Central Point SD 6 School District

What Schools are in Central Point SD 6 School District? There are 10 schools in Central Point SD 6 School District. Here is the list of public schools in Central Point SD 6 School District, click the link to get more information about the school.

School Name Physical Address
Central Point Elementary School450 S 4th St Central Point OR 97502-2297
Jewett Elementary School1001 Manzanita St Central Point OR 97502-3099
Patrick Elementary School1500 2nd Ave Gold Hill OR 97525-9728
Richardson Elementary School200 W Pine St Central Point OR 97502-1979
Sams Valley Elementary School14235 Table Rock Rd Central Point OR 97502-9300
Hanby Middle School806 6th Ave Gold Hill OR 97525-9762
Scenic Middle School1955 Scenic Ave Central Point OR 97502-1698
Crater Academy of Health and Public Services655 N 3rd St Central Point OR 97502-1876
Crater School of Business Innovation and Science655 N 3rd St Central Point OR 97502-1876
Crater Renaissance Academy655 N 3rd St Central Point OR 97502-1876

Hanby Middle School Envelope Example

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ZIP Code: public_school_id-0410294000407


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