ZIP Code: 48185, WESTLAND, MI

ZIP Code 48185 is located in WESTLAND, Michigan. Its detail State, County, City, Longitude, Latitude, Envelope Example, Population is as below.

ZIP Code 48185 Information ZIP Code 48185 Information

  • Country:

    U.S. - United States

    County FIPS:




    Area Code:

    734 / 248 / 313

    City Type ?In many cases, a ZIP Code can have multiple "names", meaning cities, towns, or subdivisions, in its boundaries. However, it will ALWAYS have exactly 1 "default" name. D - Default - This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well. A - Acceptable - This name can be used for mailing purposes. Often times alternative names are large neighborhoods or sections of the city/town. In some cases a ZIP Code may have several "acceptable" names which is used to group towns under one ZIP Code. N - Not Acceptable - A "not acceptable" name is, in many cases, a nickname that residents give that location. According to the USPS, you should NOT send mail to that ZIP Code using the "not acceptable" name when mailing.:

    D (Default)

    ZIP Code:


    ❓What does D (Default) mean? This is the "preferred" name - by the USPS - for a city. Each ZIP Code has one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what people who live in that area call the city as well.

ZIP Code 48185 Plus 4 ZIP Code 48185 Plus 4

ZIP Code 5 plus 4 is the extension of 5-digit zip code, It can be used to locate a more detailed location. The last four digits designate segment or one side of a street or an apartment. You can find the ZIP+4 code and corresponding address of the zip code 48185 below.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4Address
48185-0001PO BOX 85001, WESTLAND, MI
48185-000935000 WARREN RD #00000001 , WESTLAND, MI
48185-0010PO BOX 85010, WESTLAND, MI
48185-001736000 RUSSELL DR, WESTLAND, MI
48185-0021PO BOX 85021, WESTLAND, MI


NearBy ZIP Code NearBy ZIP Code

What are the zipcodes near ZIP Code 48185? In the table below, you can find zipcodes in 25km radius around ZIP Code 48185 and the approximate distance between the two zipcodes. Check the list to find nearby zipcode, and you can click the zipcode link to find the details whatever you want to know about the location. The data below has a slight deviation for your reference only.

NumberZIP CodeDistance
1481852.3692 Kilo Meters
2481362.4008 Kilo Meters
3481352.8275 Kilo Meters
4481863.6683 Kilo Meters
5481503.8423 Kilo Meters
6481533.8862 Kilo Meters
7481416.2807 Kilo Meters
8481846.3721 Kilo Meters
9481517.1222 Kilo Meters
10481277.1757 Kilo Meters
11481547.2638 Kilo Meters
12482398.6663 Kilo Meters
13481878.7466 Kilo Meters
14481289.0579 Kilo Meters
15481889.9791 Kilo Meters
164815210.1883 Kilo Meters
174812410.7781 Kilo Meters
184812510.8543 Kilo Meters
194822311.7666 Kilo Meters
204824011.7768 Kilo Meters
214816712.9172 Kilo Meters
224817012.9346 Kilo Meters
234812313.1001 Kilo Meters
244817413.1935 Kilo Meters
254822813.2514 Kilo Meters
264824213.4727 Kilo Meters
274816813.6948 Kilo Meters
284818013.7492 Kilo Meters
294821914.1905 Kilo Meters
304833614.2641 Kilo Meters
314833314.5036 Kilo Meters
324812614.6430 Kilo Meters
334812114.8981 Kilo Meters
344833214.9072 Kilo Meters
354833515.1458 Kilo Meters
364822715.9662 Kilo Meters
374810116.0384 Kilo Meters
384837516.3902 Kilo Meters
394812016.5543 Kilo Meters
404812216.7561 Kilo Meters
414803316.8665 Kilo Meters
424811216.9095 Kilo Meters
434803416.9214 Kilo Meters
444823517.9595 Kilo Meters
454808618.1365 Kilo Meters
464814618.4590 Kilo Meters
474817518.9673 Kilo Meters
484807518.9811 Kilo Meters
494821719.0822 Kilo Meters
504803719.2216 Kilo Meters
514833419.3712 Kilo Meters
524837619.4393 Kilo Meters
534833119.5087 Kilo Meters
544819519.5573 Kilo Meters
554820419.5628 Kilo Meters
564837419.8866 Kilo Meters
574819820.0354 Kilo Meters
584811120.1003 Kilo Meters
594823820.1374 Kilo Meters
604821020.1934 Kilo Meters
614823720.6276 Kilo Meters
624822920.6747 Kilo Meters
634822220.7540 Kilo Meters
644822121.1172 Kilo Meters
654837721.2564 Kilo Meters
664819221.4435 Kilo Meters
674807621.6266 Kilo Meters
684820921.7116 Kilo Meters
694816422.6225 Kilo Meters
704819322.6713 Kilo Meters
714820622.7800 Kilo Meters
724802522.9842 Kilo Meters
734820823.2577 Kilo Meters
744819723.5346 Kilo Meters
754807023.5551 Kilo Meters
764832223.7612 Kilo Meters
774822023.7774 Kilo Meters
784824423.8475 Kilo Meters
794821623.9377 Kilo Meters
804828823.9439 Kilo Meters
814807224.3238 Kilo Meters
824820324.4094 Kilo Meters
834806924.4612 Kilo Meters
844830124.4834 Kilo Meters
854820224.6723 Kilo Meters

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Envelope Example Envelope Example

This is an example of a US zip envelope. You can use a 5-digit zipcode or a detailed 9-digit zipcode to copy the mail in the following address format.

Postcode: 48185

48185 Basic Meaning Basic Meaning

What does each digit of ZIP Code 48185 stands for? The first digit designates a national area, which ranges from zero for the Northeast to nine for the far West. The 3-4 digits are the code of a sectional center facility in that region. The last two digits designate small post offices or postal zones.

ZIP Code: 48185

Online Map Online Map

This is online map of the address WESTLAND, Michigan, United States. You may use button to move and zoom in / out. The map information is for reference only.

Hospital Hospital

This is the ZIP Code 48185 - Hospital page list. Its detail Hospital Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

Museum Museum

This is the ZIP Code 48185 - Museum page list. Its detail Museum Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

Library Library

This is the ZIP Code 48185 - Library page list. Its detail Library Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

School School

This is the ZIP Code 48185 - School page list. Its detail School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code is as below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Adams Middle School 33475 Palmer RoadWestland Michigan6-848185
Albert Schweitzer Elementary School 2601 TreadwellWestland MichiganKG-548185
Cooper Elementary School 28550 Ann Arbor TrailWestland MichiganKG-648185
Eugene B. Elliott Elem. School 30800 BenningtonWestland MichiganKG-548185
Hayes Elementary School 30600 Louise StreetWestland MichiganKG-648185
James Madison Elementary School 1075 S. Carlson StreetWestland MichiganKG-548185
Jefferson-barns Elem. School 32150 Dorsey StreetWestland MichiganKG-548185
John Glenn High School 36105 Marquette StreetWestland Michigan9-1248185
John Marshall Middle School 35100 Bayview StreetWestland Michigan6-848185
Johnson Elementary School 8400 Hix RoadWestland MichiganKG-648185
Lincoln Elementary School 33800 Grand Traverse StreetWestland MichiganKG-548185
N.w. Wayne Skill Center 8075 Ritz AvenueWestland MichiganUG-UG48185
Nankin Mills Elementary School 8100 Hubbard StreetWestland MichiganKG-648185
P.d. Graham Elementary School 1255 S. John Hix RoadWestland MichiganKG-548185
Patchin Elementary School 6420 N. Newburgh RoadWestland MichiganKG-548185
Perrinville Early Childhood Center 33344 Ann Arbor TrailWestland MichiganUG-UG48185
Stottlemyer Early Childhood Ctr. 34801 Marquette StreetWestland MichiganPK-PK48185
Thomas A. Edison Elem. School 34505 Hunter StreetWestland MichiganKG-548185
Thomas-gist Academy South 4825 DancyWestland MichiganKG-448185
Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital 30901 Palmer RoadWestland MichiganUG-UG48185
Wildwood Elementary School 500 N. Wildwood StreetWestland MichiganKG-548185
William Ford Career-tech Center 36455 MarquetteWestland MichiganUG-UG48185

Geography Geography

ZIP code 48185 is located in Michigan. It covers a small area of 12.167000 square miles. The latitude and longitude of 48185 are 42.332055 and -83.371314 respectively. Like most areas in the United States, this area should observe daylight saving time.

  • Latitude: 42.332055
  • Longitude: -83.371314
  • Land Area: 12.167000
  • Time Zone: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
  • Region: Midwest
  • Division: East North Central
  • Day Light Saving: Y

Population Population

The population of ZIP Code 48185 is 50,561 in 2020 estimate, which is a little bit less than that in 2010 census data. In the 2010 census, the gender ratio is balanced. Most of them are white at an old age.

  • Population in 202050,561
    Population in 201047,618
    • Male:21,932
    • Female:25,686
    • White:36,347
    • Black:9,147
    • Hispanic:1,679
    • Asian:2,097
    • Hawaiian:37
    • Indian:523
    • Other:594
  • Median Age39
    Median Age of Man37
    Median Age of Woman41

Households Households

There are 21,883 households in ZIP Code 48185, with an average number of 2.15 persons per household. The average house value in 48185 is $120,400, and the average household income is $47,205.

  • Households Per ZIP Code: 21,883
  • Persons Per Household: 2.15
  • Average House Value: $120,400
  • Income Per Household: $47,205

Congressional District Congressional District

Congressional districts are electoral divisions for electing members of the United States House of Representatives. ZIP Code 48185 is located in the 11th | 13th congressional district of California. That means your zip code covers some parts of the above districts, if you want to find your representative, you can search with your address by United States House of Representatives.

Congressional DistrictCongressional Land Area

Business Business

There are 946 businesses in ZIP Code 48185 with a total number of 13,394 employees. The business payroll in the first quarter is $98,460, and $413,915 for the whole year.

  • Number of Businesses:946
  • Number of Employees:13,394
  • Business First Quarter Payroll:$98,460
  • Business Annual Payroll:$413,915

More Information More Information

What else do you want to know about the ZIP Code 48185? We collected some information related to ZIP Code 48185, which is closely related to people's lives. These data help people understand the general situation of the community in which they lived or about to live, and the information also has a guiding role for business construction.

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WESTLAND ZIP Code, Michigan ZIP Code, 48185 ZIP Code, United States
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