County: Lawrence

This is Lawrence county page. But the name Lawrence is not unique. Many states have a county shared the same name Lawrence.

Basic Information Basic Information

Lawrence-ZIP Code Lawrence-ZIP Code

This is the ZIP Code list of Lawrence with a total number of 102 ZIP Code. You can click the link to get more information about each ZIP Code.

ZIP Code County City State
16101 Lawrence Castle Pennsylvania
16102 Lawrence Castle Pennsylvania
16103 Lawrence New Castle Pennsylvania
16105 Lawrence Castle Pennsylvania
16107 Lawrence New Castle Pennsylvania
16108 Lawrence New Castle Pennsylvania
16112 Lawrence Bessemer Pennsylvania
16116 Lawrence Edinburg Pennsylvania
16117 Lawrence Ellport Pennsylvania
16120 Lawrence Enon Valley Pennsylvania
16132 Lawrence Hillsville Pennsylvania
16140 Lawrence New Bedford Pennsylvania
16142 Lawrence New Wilmington Pennsylvania
16143 Lawrence Pulaski Pennsylvania
16155 Lawrence Villa Maria Pennsylvania
16156 Lawrence Volant Pennsylvania
16157 Lawrence Wampum Pennsylvania
16160 Lawrence W Pittsburg Pennsylvania
16172 Lawrence New Wilmington Pennsylvania
35618 Lawrence Courtland Alabama
35643 Lawrence Hillsboro Alabama
35650 Lawrence Moulton Alabama
35651 Lawrence Mount Hope Alabama
35672 Lawrence Town Creek Alabama
38456 Lawrence Ethridge Tennessee
38457 Lawrence Five Points Tennessee
38463 Lawrence Iron City Tennessee
38464 Lawrence Lawrenceburg Tennessee
38468 Lawrence Leoma Tennessee
38469 Lawrence Loretto Tennessee
38481 Lawrence Saint Joseph Tennessee
38483 Lawrence Summertown Tennessee
38486 Lawrence Westpoint Tennessee
39140 Lawrence Newhebron Mississippi
39641 Lawrence Bristers Mississippi
39654 Lawrence Monticello Mississippi
39656 Lawrence Oak Vale Mississippi
39663 Lawrence Arm Mississippi
39665 Lawrence Sontag Mississippi
41124 Lawrence Blaine Kentucky
41159 Lawrence Martha Kentucky
41160 Lawrence Mazie Kentucky
41180 Lawrence Cherokee Kentucky
41201 Lawrence Adams Kentucky
41230 Lawrence Clifford Kentucky
41232 Lawrence Lowmansville Kentucky
41264 Lawrence Ulysses Kentucky
45619 Lawrence Chesapeake Ohio
45638 Lawrence Coal Grove Ohio
45645 Lawrence Kitts Hill Ohio
45659 Lawrence Pedro Ohio
45669 Lawrence Athalia Ohio
45675 Lawrence Rock Camp Ohio
45678 Lawrence Scottown Ohio
45680 Lawrence South Point Ohio
45688 Lawrence Waterloo Ohio
45696 Lawrence Willow Wood Ohio
47420 Lawrence Avoca Indiana
47421 Lawrence Bartlettsville Indiana
47436 Lawrence Chapelhill Indiana
47437 Lawrence Huron Indiana
47446 Lawrence Bryantsville Indiana
47451 Lawrence Oolitic Indiana
47462 Lawrence Hobbieville Indiana
47467 Lawrence Tunnelton Indiana
47470 Lawrence Silverville Indiana
57732 Lawrence Deadwood South Dakota
57754 Lawrence Central City South Dakota
57759 Lawrence Nemo South Dakota
57779 Lawrence Saint Onge South Dakota
57783 Lawrence Spearfish South Dakota
57793 Lawrence Whitewood South Dakota
57799 Lawrence Black Hills State University South Dakota
62417 Lawrence Bridgeport Illinois
62439 Lawrence Allison Illinois
62460 Lawrence Denison Illinois
62466 Lawrence Chauncey Illinois
64848 Lawrence La Russell Missouri
64873 Lawrence Wentworth Missouri
65605 Lawrence Aurora Missouri
65654 Lawrence Freistatt Missouri
65664 Lawrence Halltown Missouri
65705 Lawrence Marionville Missouri
65707 Lawrence Capps Creek Missouri
65712 Lawrence Hoberg Missouri
65723 Lawrence Berwick Missouri
65756 Lawrence Stotts City Missouri
65769 Lawrence Verona Missouri
72410 Lawrence Alicia Arkansas
72415 Lawrence Black Rock Arkansas
72433 Lawrence Hoxie Arkansas
72434 Lawrence Imboden Arkansas
72440 Lawrence Lynn Arkansas
72445 Lawrence Minturn Arkansas
72457 Lawrence Portia Arkansas
72458 Lawrence Powhatan Arkansas
72459 Lawrence Ravenden Arkansas
72465 Lawrence Sedgwick Arkansas
72466 Lawrence Smithville Arkansas
72469 Lawrence Calamine Arkansas
72476 Lawrence Walnut Ridge Arkansas
72572 Lawrence Saffell Arkansas

Envelope Example Envelope Example

This is an example of a US zip envelope. You can use a 5-digit zipcode or a detailed 9-digit zipcode to copy the mail in the following address format.

ZIP Code: county-Lawrence
United States Envelope Example

For more explanation, please read the official document: USA.pdf . (English)

County: Lawrence


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